Mission and Vision

The Mission of the Center is:

• To promote the Belt and Road Initiative with the aim of informing the public, both professional and interested, same as the decision-makers about the importance of the Belt and Road Initiative in all its segments

• Multidisciplinary study of the Belt and Road Initiative using standard scientific methods and tools

• Advocating activities aiming to better and faster implement the projects arising from the Belt and Road Initiative

• Assisting Chinese companies in the region of Southeast Europe same as companies from BiH and the region in China, both public and private, in all segments of business, from defining the strategy through finding partners to product placement on given markets

The Vision of the Center is:

• Strengthening bilateral relations between BiH and the People’s Republic of China, especially in the field of economic and cultural cooperation through the exchange of people, ideas, goods and capital

• A more visible position of BiH in the multilateral Belt and Road Initiative

• Make use of the Belt and Road Initiative as much as possible to develop BiH’s capacity at all levels and in all segments covered by the Initiative